Is this a new record for GWR’s no pay for a delay?

TM’s complaint about GWR’s delay in paying compensation is nothing compared with my own. I have been waiting for nearly 10 months for my first claim (from a journey on 27 October last year), and have since made two further claims for 29 March and 21 June. I think this must be a record. VH, Penzance, Cornwall

GWR stepped in to initially handle only two of the three claims. The March one seemed to have slipped through the net.

In October 2016 you were delayed by more than an hour and are entitled to compensation, but you no longer have the ticket, which you sent to GWR. It has now issued you with vouchers of £50.

The claim on 21 June, meanwhile, related to a journey where the train was unable to continue due to a person being hit. GWR said it does not normally offer compensation in this situation, but due to the “inconvenience” suffered in trying to sort out your claims it has issued you a further £36.50 in vouchers.

It has now also issued a voucher for £22.75 to cover the cost of your ticket on the third journey, which was an hour late.

GWR said: “We are sorry this has taken longer to resolve than we would want. We moved our customer service team back to the UK and a number of responses took much longer to deal with than they should have.”

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