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A quick burst of 8 links for you to chew over, as picked by the Technology team

Netflix on Android >> Netflix blog
"We recently announced the availability of Netflix on Windows Phone 7 devices, which, alongside the iPhone, represents the second mobile phone platform we have enabled for streaming from Netflix. Notably absent from current supported mobile devices is Android and I wanted to provide an update on where things stand with this important platform."
I recall asking Eric Schmidt about Android fragmentation in June and not being overimpressed by the response. It really is the biggest threat the platform faces for developers and savvy - which means decision-driving - users.

The Great Cyberheist -
Gobsmacking (and long) piece about Albert Gonzalez, who drove the TJX hacking - one of the biggest ever: "Now once Toey got him into a system, Gonzalez no longer had to sift through databases for the valuable stuff. Instead, he could go straight to the servers that processed the cards coming from the terminals, in the milliseconds before that information was sent to banks for approval. He tried this on JCPenney, the clothing chain Wet Seal and the Hannaford Brothers grocery chain, in the last instance compromising more than four million cards. His Estonian contact used the technique on Dave & Buster's. 'Every time a card was swiped, it would be logged into our file,' Toey says. 'There was nothing anyone could do about it.'"

FOI: Seven ways councils can make FOI cost less >> David Higgerson
Notably: "Do more with the open data you are publishing: Of the councils which have began publishing opendata, many are publishing in formats which are aimed at developers – RDF and XML for example. This is excellent for them, but what about members of the public who just want to look at information? For example, Sunderland City Council's opendata page has a wealth of information but it's all XML, so meaningless to a member of the public who might find it. Formats more familiar to non-developers – even the dreaded PDF – would be a useful addition to many, and reduce the risk of basic FOI requests."

Ask a Flowchart: Which Social Search Site Should I Use? >>
All the options are there, from "Want to have your grammar corrected?" to "Do you want your question to be answered by topical experts, or will any idiot do?" to "Do you want them to flash their boobies?".

Adobe Flash For Samsung's Google Tab Is An Embarrassing Disaster >> Business Insider
"But so far, Flash has been one of the weakest, most embarrassing spots for the Galaxy Tab, severely depleting the device's performance, according to the reviews we've read. (We don't have a Galaxy Tab, so we weren't able to verify this ourselves.)"
I've done a comparative test against a Viewsonic tablet. Flash is, indeed, worse on the Samsung. And the Viewsonic is about £100 cheaper.

Facebook's obvious strategy for bankrupting Google >> Virtualeconomics
"This [10% salary] raise is estimated to cost Google one billion dollars. Then yesterday they offered one engineer $3.5 million to turn down a Facebook offer. So what does Mark Z have to do to bankrupt Google? Simply offer their engineers jobs, one at a time."

Introducing Deals: A new way to connect with customers >> Facebook
"Deals gives businesses the opportunity to reward customers when they check in on Facebook, and this helps generate awareness, encourage in-store traffic and build customer loyalty. In addition, if someone checks in to a business that is offering a deal, their friends have the opportunity to hear about it through word of mouth marketing that is generated naturally on Facebook." Money, money, money. Who says Facebook isn't making money from your personal details?

Friends for iPhone is coming soon! >> Taptivate
Looks interesting because it's in effect an implementation of a "people hub" rather like Windows Phone 7: integrate all your social networks in one place.

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