Failing to connect with TalkTalk over non-existent 'debts'

After nearly three years of problems with Tiscali (now TalkTalk) I am being threatened with a home visit from a firm of recovery specialists, despite having two letters from two different individuals at TalkTalk confirming I no longer owe anything. I was only with Tiscali for a month before returning to BT, and yet I paid for at least three months. I never get replies to my letters – unless I pay more than £1 at the post office for them to sign for receipt, which is why I have the replies mentioned above. This is the second lot of debt collectors I have been threatened with.

I have had the same experience as many of your readers. The Financial Ombudsman couldn't help and I never got a reply from my MP, Sir Gerald Kaufman, either. Phone calls were answered by people overseas and were difficult to decipher and emails were obviously written by people who did not understand English. MB, Gorton nr Manchester

TalkTalk calls itself "the biggest challenger to BT in fixed line communications" but, given the frequency of complaints we receive, some of you clearly think it would struggle to compete against a carrier pigeon.

Nevertheless, TalkTalk was quick to investigate your complaint and apologised for its poor service. It said it actually found two accounts in your name but could not say why this was. It has cancelled both, putting an end to any threat of debt collectors. Your credit file has not been affected. A goodwill gesture by way of apology would have been nice but was not forthcoming.

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