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A quick burst of 9 links for you to chew over, as picked by the Technology team

New Facebook Messaging Continues to Block Some Links >>|
"Facebook's "modern messaging system" may make it convenient to seamlessly move between instant messaging and a e-mail account, but not if you are sharing a link to a file sharing site.
Facebook began blocking BitTorrent link-sharing on Facebook walls and news feeds last spring, and also started blocking private messages between users that included a link to torrents on the Pirate Bay."

Google Engineer Gets $6 Million For Not Going To Facebook >> Business Insider
Look, if you offer me $6m, I won't go to Facebook either. Deal?

The real cost of free: a response | Media >>
Interesting response from Helienne Lindvall: "And the number of people involved in making a record is still dwarfed by the hundreds of people involved in making a movie. That's why directors and artists sign away some of their rights in return for investment. Independent label Beggars Group recently told me that they'd so far invested about £200,000 in Mercury prize winners The xx."

Spoof Your Caller ID With an iPhone Web App >> F-Secure Weblog
Caller ID spoofing for the iPhone: it's not an app, it's a web app (bookmarked as an icon). "The iSpoofCard Web App calls a service which then facilities the actual spoofing, and the App does prompt for the user's permission before it calls. It's well behaved in that sense.
"But we're curious, could social engineering be used to dupe people into giving permissions to an overtly malicious Web App? Can Web Apps access the iPhone contacts if given permission? Can Web Apps send SMS messages? Web Apps can make phone calls… how much social engineering do you think is required to get somebody to make a premium rate call?"

How Question Time got as big as The X Factor on Twitter | Television & radio >>
"Getting David [Dimbleby] to say 'hashtag' for the first time put a smile on my face but he is genuinely proud of how successful our Twitter operation has become. The conversation is of such a high standard across the hashtag, some people are saying it's as good as watching the programme."

EVP Niklas Savander discusses Nokia N8 quality [failures] >> The official Nokia Blog
"We have been getting excellent feedback from consumers on the capabilities of the Nokia N8, but in the last couple of days, a very small number of users have reported that their Nokia N8 is not switching on as it should."
I'm not sure we're going to be seeing so many Nokia adverts about how it gets a signal whichever hand you hold it in now.

Nokia's Ovi Store downloads hit 3 million a day.. how does that compare? >> Asymco
OK, 3m is a good number. How does it compare to the numbers Apple provides? (Google doesn't provide Marketplace numbers, though a lot of people wish it would. Or could.)

Gamasutra - News - UK-Based RuneScape Dev Jagex Wins Patent Infringement Lawsuit
"A U.S. District Court judge has dismissed a patent infringement lawsuit brought against RuneScape developer Jagex, but not before the UK studio spent a purported seven figures defending itself.
"Judge David Folsom last week dismissed online chat company Paltalk's claims that Jagex infringed on Paltalk patents relating to online network communications, according to court documents obtained by Gamasutra."
Seven figures? Ouch. Is there patent lawsuit insurance?

Free anti-virus for Mac – 150,000 active users and plenty of malware found >> Naked Security
Sophos reports on what its free antivirus for Mac has found so far. About 1% of the users have Mac malware. Small proportion, but still translates into 1,500 or so people.

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