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With over 35% of adults in the UK having DAB radio at home, digital radio is fast becoming a household choice of listening pleasure. Price check focuses on three best buys as recommended by Which?

Over £200

Pure Avanti Flow Which? rate this top of the range DAB radio as number two in their best buy list. This is a digital music system with DAB, iPod docking, Wi-Fi technology allowing you to listen to internet radio stations (you need a wireless router), podcasts, FM and the ability to 'listen again' to certain programmes.

It is under half the price of the Which? number one 'best buy', but still has an RRP of £279.99; however Price Check has spotted a few retailers selling it at a discount.

Best on-line price is with PRC Direct at £219.99, with Amazon and Laskys slightly more expensive at £221.95.

John Lewis both on and off-line is also £221.95 with the ability to extend the warranty to three years for £20.

Under £200

Pure Evoke 3 The Evoke 3 makes the Which? top 5, and What HiFi Sound and Vision Magazine says of it: "For those who want it all, this is all you want." It enables you to pause and rewind live digital radio, record via an SD card (not supplied) and listen at your leisure later either via the radio or on a compatible device. RRP £199.99

Amazon has the best on-line price of £153.17.

Whilst Comet has an in-store price of £179.99.

You can pick up a refurbished version at Hyperfi in Essex for £79.99 (check availability before you set off) or add the postage of £13.62 for delivery in the UK. Note that it may not be new, but will have been refurbished by Pure and have a one year warranty.

Under £100

Roberts Sound 80 Thisonly qualifies for the 'under £100'with a bit of shopping around. It has an RRP of £102.18 but we can justify its inclusion in the under £100 both on and off-line. This radio can be used as an alarm clock and has adjustable brightness to lower the glow in your bedroom and also incorporates a 'humane wake system' with a buzzer that increases in volume.

Best on-line price is with Ask at £83.99 (or in-store if you are in London), however failing that Amazon is slightly more expensive at £85.65.

If you have an old analogue radio lying around, you can take advantage of Argos's trade-in offer that allows you to swop an old analogue radio for a £15 reduction takes the price down to £84.95.

Budget bargain

Although not in the best buy list, it would be remiss if we failed to mention the Pure One Mini as a budget basic. This radio is being sold for over £40 in many stores, but Richer Sounds are selling this in-store for £29.95, whilst Play charges 4p more on-line, if the snow prevents you from leaving home.

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