Xbox 360 is five today (in the UK)

Was it really five years ago today that British gamers got their hands on the Xbox 360? Apparently so. Too me, it feels like the 360 has been with us for a lot longer. Maybe it's because the original Xbox had such a short lifespan and was clearly – in hindsight – a testbed for the 360. So what are you best memories of the Xbox 360 so far?

For me, the launch itself was mixed. I remember scoffing at Microsoft's claims on how HD would be soon the dominant TV display. Oops. The launch lineup wasn't great either, although Kameo had its moments. Worst of all were the problems with the hardware. Current 360's are very reliable, but my original 360 lasted a few short months and since then I've gone through five – one for every year of the console's life.

Hardware aside, the 360 has delivered some of my finest gaming memories. Mass Effect 1 & 2 have been the highlights, but even on non-exclusive titles the online console experience has – despite the PS3 improving rapidly – almost always been best on the 360. Yes, you have to pay for Xbox Live, but I still think it is worth it.

Then there are achievements and gamerscore. It's fair to say that Microsoft were probably as surprised as anyone as to how popular these elements became. Sony followed suit with Trophies and it's clear that no console in the future will launch without a similar reward system built in.

Anyway, five years on from launch, what are your favourite memories of the Xbox 360 so far?

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