For those who like to horse around on Twitter

It is occasionally a thin line between "genius" and "complete waste of time", and this website may just be treading all the way along it. It's called TweetJockey and it recreates trending (or non-trending) topics on Twitter in the shape of a horse race. The more tweets a topic gets, the faster the horse goes until – hurray! – there's a winner. The fun bit – oh yes – is you get to enter your own search terms and challenge colleagues to a race. The people behind it, Albion London, who came up the general election "Slapometer", don't suggest you start betting against your colleagues (and nipping round the corner, frantically tweeting "Mark Owen" or whatever) but it's a thought. Who's more twittertastic? Julian Assange or Santa Claus? Jesus or Justin Bieber? There's only one way to find out – Or, if you prefer Harry Hill, a fight.

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