Family and the internet: the next topic for Untangling the web

For my new Untangling the web series in the Observer New Review, I've already covered the topics of social change and hate by looking at how a generation of political activists have been transformed by new tools developed on the internet and asking whether the internet encourages insidious and bullying behaviour.

Next time, I'm looking at family: how has the web changed the family unit? Are family ties easier to maintain, or is the technology making us strangers to one another in our homes?

Issues likely to be covered are: geographically distant families and emotional closeness, following your kids on Facebook, the parent-child knowledge gap.

Issues I won't be covering in this column (saving them for another day): infidelity, privacy, online safety.

What else is important to the 21st-century connected family? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, send your suggestions to me at [email protected], tweet using the #UTTW or #family hashtags, or contact me on Twitter at @aleksk.

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