Guardian Viral Video Chart: The Top 10 of 2010

Well what a year that was. Cats continued their unshakable rule over the webz and flashdances actually became an unsurprise.

But one pair of try-hard rappers kept us chortling all the way through August – despite EMI's original songwriters trying to get it taken off the internet.

Yes, it's Alex Warren and Terema Wainwright with their rendition of Newport State of Mind. Did you know they were invited to the opening of the Newport Transporter Bridge?

Elsewhere in our annual roundup we have a celebration of particularly strong cheddar, double rainbow orgasms, the OMG cat, and the (attempted) resurrection of Old Spice.

There's also room for a couple of US eccentrics. Jimmy McMillan, representative of The Rent Is Too Damn High Party (yes, you read it right), and this meme-spawning witness to a gun crime. Enjoy – and happy New Year!

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Guardian Viral Video Chart. Compiled by Unruly Media and edited by Josh

1 Newport State of Mind
Because EMI can't keep a good effort down.

2 Nolan's cheddar
From January – how did I miss this first time around?

3 Best witness statement ever
"I'm backing up outta there..."

4 The digital story of the nativity
Alright, approaching 6m views in 11 days. Unholy hell.

5 Cute girl has a catchy dance
Nearly 5m views! That's mega. But keep an eye on the kids at the back, the commenters raise a point.

6 Yosemitebear mountain giant double rainbow
Might want to turn this down if granny's in the room.

7 BP spills coffee
Huzzah! Go get 'em, UCB.

8 Old Spice – the man your man could smell like
Old Spice really pulled it out of the bag on this one, didn't it?

9 The OMG cat
Because the internet is made of cats.

10 The Rent Is Too Damn High Party's Jimmy McMillan
Undercover Telegraph reporters would never foil McMillan.

Source: Viral Video Chart. Compiled from data gathered at 17:00 on 30 December 2010. The Viral Video Chart is currently based on a count of the embedded videos and links on approximately two million blogs, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

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