Le Petit Nicholas by René Goscinny and illustrated by Jean-Jacques Sempé - review

This is the book I received on my 10th birthday and I must say it is awesome and funny. The book is about the daily life of Nicolas, a naughty and curious boy who went to an elementary school.

The success of the book lies in its unique writing style. Instead of being a third person to tell the story of Nicolas, Goscinny has let his main character be the story-teller to describe his life: a combination of different adventures from school to home. From the arguments between him with his friends about their dreams, to his summer vacation or his father's birthday party, they have thoroughly reflected an egocentric but naive point of view.

Throughout the book, we can recognize the humour which lies in every line and every story. Above all, the book reminds readers of their childhood, when we are free to do everything and brave to think of everything. The book has shown love among people. It is love among family members. When Nicolas' father was sick, he and his mother tried to take care of him. It is also love among neighbors. Mr. Blédurt always played a joke on Nicolas's father but still helped Nicolas' mother and him prepare for his dad's birthday party. It is also love among friends, when Nicolas and his friends, especially his best friend Alceste, a fat boy, had fun with each other.

Another factor which contributed to the success of the book is the illustration of Jean-Jacques Sempé. He created a collection of portraits of Nicolas, his friends, and his family's. They are simple, but reminds us of a mischievous Nicolas.

I laughed a lot when reading the book. It pulled me out of the harsh present and led me to the past, a beautiful childhood with laughter. I will recommend anyone to read it whenever you want to have a stop to relieve your mind and relax.

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