Stones by Polly Johnson - review

'Don't be afraid to let go - the fall won't be that far!'
It was what everybody expected her to feel: grief, anger, sorrow, pain. It was even how she expected herself to react. And yet, the only thing Coo, or Corrine, feels is relief; relief that her brother can no longer breathe the same air that she does, relief that he can no longer hurt her both physically and emotionally, relief that she does not have to hope that someday, by some miracle, he will change for the better. Three days, was the official verdict from the coroner's report. Three days, he just lay in the street like the garbage beside an abandoned house before anyone found him, or cared enough to call it in. 

And now, after all he did to her: the yelling, the hitting, the threatening- people, including her parents who bore witness to all the abuse and didn't say a word, expect her to miss him. How can she? Even though he was her brother, her blood, her family - he turned into a monster. He was no longer the boy that used to take care of her; the boy that would protect against everything evil or the one who didn't tell when she stole a marble from the local gift shop- he was foreign; evil and the substance that he was so addicted to made him like that.

Misunderstood and alone by everyone she thought she knew, Coo keeps to herself looking for answers and dealing with the guilt she feels over her brothers' death ("I killed my brother," she says). That is, until she meets Banks. 

A homeless alcoholic and desperately lost in life, Banks reminds of her brother in more ways than one. The two form an unlikely friendship, with Coo trying to save him from his most deadly enemy, himself, and him staying adamant that he can't be saved, she tries to piece her broken life back together, with all the answers she seems to think Banks has! Although everybody around her are adamant about her being seen with a 'tramp', Coo (like a pigeon) finds that Banks is the only person who doesn't judge her for what she does and doesn't do, which is fine, until their friendship reaches a whole new level - one that spells nothing but danger.

Stones is Coo's story - she finds people who will love her no matter what and learns to let go of the past she so desperately fears. A unique tale on loss and how to get over someone who you've spent your entire life with and the obstacles you will find along the way. Both the ones you create and the ones that will always be there, no matter what you're trying to accomplish!

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