Ozma of Oz by L Frank Baum - review

This is one of L. Frank Baum's classic books which has delighted children for over 100 years!

In this book, a raging sea storm carries Dorothy to the Land of Ev, where she makes friends with Billina, a friendly talking hen and Titok, a clever copper man. She also meets Ozma of oz, the girl ruler. She also meets some strange people too: Princess Langwidere who wears a different head a day and strange Wheelers with wheels for hands and feet.

When Dorothy learns that the Queen of Ev and her ten children have been kept prisoner to the evil Nome king, she sets out on the magic carpet with her new friends and some old time favourites. The tin woodman, the cowardly lion and the scarecrow. Together they are determined to free the prisoners. But when everyone falls under the trap of the Nome king, who will match his devilishly cunning brains?

I loved reading this book as it was good to read another classic from L. Frank Baum. I think everyone, young and old, will be delighted by the world of fantasy that Baum has created. I recommend this book for ages 8 up.

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