Bliss by Kathryn Littlewood - review

When Rosemary (or Rose) Bliss was ten she saw her mum putting a lightning bolt in a cake and she knew – without a doubt – that the Bliss Bakery was magic!

Three years on, the story starts with the Bliss family who have a magical cookbook, which is a closely guarded secret. It has been used to keep things calm at Calamity falls for years. But when Rose is left in charge, things go wrong. Their long lost aunt, Lily, arrives and Leigh (Rose's little sister), Ty (Rose's older brother) and Sage (Rose's little brother) all fall under Lily's spell. But Rose is a bit more suspicious and thinks something more sinister is happening. Has Lily learnt about the cookbook, or has she enchanted them?

This book enthralled me from the beginning and shows new author Kathryn Littlewood at her best. This book enchants you away into a mouth-wateringly good world of cake, magic and mischief. I recommend for ages 9 and up.

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