Sir Quinton Quest by Kaye Umansky - review

Sir Quinton Quest is an explorer and one day he goes to the Himalayas to see if Yetis actually exist. He doesn't see any Yetis but the Yetis see him! When he comes back to England the Yetis discover lots of things that Sir Quinton has left behind and they make a shrine. They were very sad when he left and went on an aeroplane to England to look for him. When they got to England everyone was amazed to see them so the Yetis bought a disguise in a shop to make them look like Londoners. They went on a sightseeing tour to the London Eye, the palace and to Tower Bridge.

The Yetis didn't manage to find Sir Quinton but they missed the snow so they went back home. Sir Quinton saw a newspaper article that said 'Yetis spotted in London' but he still didn't believe they exist!

The book is very hard to understand at the beginning because the language is quite tricky, but as you read on it gets easier to understand and exciting. When the Yetis are talking they speak in a funny way and say things like 'me think it time me introduce myself'.

This was my school reading book. I wouldn't have chosen it in a shop but it was very good for a school book.

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