Case of the Missing Glow-worms (Fleatectives) by Jonny Zucker - review

Buzz and Itch are fleas, who have a detective agency and live on a white rabbit called Lambert. While Buzz is quite good at being a detective, Itch isn't because he is more worried about taking pictures of himself. In this story, creatures are being burgled when the glow-worms are stolen and this is a problem because they are the town street lights.

Sheriff Blatt, who should be searching for the criminals, prefers to spend his time watching telly, or playing cards. What makes it more complicated is that his card-playing friend is the flea detectives' main suspect. As more burglaries take place, the creatures get agitated and the fleatectives save the day by searching for the burglars at a place called the Never-known Wasteland, which all the bugs are very scared of, as that is where the crook-bugs live. The fleatectives have to be really brave to search for the crooks here, and nearly get eaten.

I liked this book because it is funny and the difference between the two fleatective characters is interesting. I'd like to read the other books in the series.

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