Manic Street Preachers - Europa Geht Durch Mich: video premiere

Tour records are so often overwrought with the boredom and torment of service station sandwiches, homesickness and inter-band tensions; but Manic Street Preachers' new track Europa Geht Durch Mich is quite the opposite: As with all of the songs featured on new album Futurology, the band were inspired culturally by their travels, taking in early 20th Century modernist art and reconnecting with records by Kraftwerk, Neu!, Andy Weatherall, Popul Vuh and Cabaret Voltaire while sat on the tour bus during their recent dates across of Europe.

"The idea of being on these endless futuristic roads but being surrounded by these ancient forests at the same time. It’s a magical feeling and it makes you think of soundtracks in your head as you’re travelling through this landscape,” says Nicky Wire.

Featuring German film star Nina Hoss and directed by Bafta award winning Kieran Evans, watch the militant disco stomp of Europa Geht Durch Mich below. Futurology is out 7 July.

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