Morrissey posts a political promo poem

It was as if it were only yesterday (it was) that we were bemoaning the lack of political uprising in modern pop. Little did we know (we did) however, that Morrissey would soon deliver his new single, World Peace Is None Of Your Business, lamenting a state where the glass ceiling hangs low and social mobility is the stuff of dreams.

"Would you kindly keep your nose out?" he asks in the song's promotional video - a spoken word version of the track, starring Nancy Sinatra. "The rich must profit and get richer, and the poor must stay poor - that's what government's for."

As you have possibly guessed, Morrissey's po-faced tirade is a classic critique against class-scarred Britain, where power is cravenly guarded by the establishment.

World peace is none of your business

You must not tamper with arrangements

Work hard and simply pay your taxes

Never asking what for

Oh your poor little fool, you poor little fool

World peace is none of your business

The police will stun you with their stun guns or they'll disable you with their tasers, that's what governments are for

While it certainly ticks the box marked political pop, depressingly, he seems to be telling us to give up, to accept the hopelessness of the modern world, rather than rallying for a revolution, unlike his good friend Russell Brand. Brand and Morrissey do, however, seem to share the same views on the futility of voting, "Each time you vote you support this process" the former Smiths frontman narrates sinisterly.

But it's likely that if you were seeking a sprinkle of sugar-coated optimism from your day, Morrissey's latest single was never going to be your first port of call anyway - so please do bask in the misery and download the track, taken from his new album of the same name, from iTunes now. Irreverent artwork below:

Morrissey posts a political promo poem- Top Financial
Morrissey Photograph: /True To You

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