TV highlights 14/05/2014

Speedway: King's Lynn v Swindon
7.30pm, Sky Sports 1

Speedway used to be much more a feature of the TV sporting calendar in the 70s when it felt like there was more time to kill, and is enjoying a comeback now there's more TV space to fill. The King's Lynn Stars will be favourites to churn up mud in the faces of their Swindon opponents, with the latter sitting near the bottom of the Elite League table while King's Lynn are in contention for the top spot following wins against Wolverhampton and Leicester. David Stubbs

Under Offer: Estate Agents On The Job
8pm, BBC2

Going behind the scenes of the estate agency business for the final time, we find Exeter estate agent Lewis gearing up for his employer's annual awards ceremony. He's gunning for a double win (manager and office of the year), something "never done before" he tells his superiors – who reply that, actually, yes it has been. Only two things stand in his way: a trio of glamorous ladies who run a rival branch in upmarket Shaldon and an unseemly vomiting incident at last year's do. Rachel Aroesti

MasterChef: The Finals
9pm, BBC1

Gravelly duck, scary fondant potatoes and a trip to the "pork fun fair": Masterchef's 10th series has seen some extremes. Now it's the final week and the last four chefs are off to the Holborn Dining Room, where Tom Kerridge challenges them each to cook a course matching his exacting standards. Ready to taste their wares will be Michelin-starred chefs Ashley Palmer-Watts, Michael Caines, Nathan Outlaw, Simon Rogan and Tom Kitchin. Plus a chicken invention test to weed out the weakest ahead of Friday's final. Hannah Verdier

Billy Connolly's Big Send Off
9pm, ITV

When Billy Connolly got bad news from the doctor about prostate cancer, it set him thinking about death. This amiable film (the second of two parts) is the logical result of that free-wheeling process. Whether interacting with young people getting memorial tattoos, visiting graveyards such as the Glasgow Necropolis ("There's some sensational people buried here …") or slipping into a Keith Moon anecdote, he's a person with an attractively open mind, always ready to be surprised – whatever that surprise might be. John Robinson

Secrets Of Britain
9pm, Yesterday

The opening instalment of this somewhat overcooked documentary series can't help but be interesting; it focuses on the Tower Of London, one of the most interesting buildings on Earth. Sadly, the silly cod-classical soundtrack and leaden script makes it feel like one of those promotional videos that get shown to half-awake passengers as the aircraft approaches Heathrow. That said, the Tower's resident historians are fascinating, and viewers will hopefully be reminded that visiting the Tower shouldn't be left to tourists. Andrew Mueller

Coast Australia
9.10pm, BBC2

Having spent eight years picking through the shingle of Britain and Europe, Neil Oliver and co turn their attention to something just a tiny bit bigger: Australia – "a country, an island and a continent". Boasting the world's sixth largest coastline, it's a subject the BBC could, er, coast off for a while yet. In this first episode, Oliver explores the intricate art of pearl harvesting; Brendan Moar learns how to make a raft; and anthropologist Dr Xanthe Mallett explores a watery war grave. Ali Catterall

10pm, BBC2

After the shambolic events of Merc's "man of the year" ceremony at the culmination of series two of this Hollywood-skewering sitcom, Jamie has left Merc for Matt, Merc has lost what was left of his reputation and his job, and it appears that Sean and Beverly are reconciled. All quite straightforward, then. Except for Beverly hoping to hide her night of passion with Rob. Oh, and Matt's custody battle over the kids with Diane. It's a complex web, but the filthy dialogue makes it all spin along rather nicely. Ben Arnold

Mad Men
10pm, Sky Atlantic

We're closing in on the end of this current run of Matt Weiner's ad-land drama, thanks to the US network's decision to air the show's final season in two eight-episode chunks split across two years. A shame, as it feels like we've barely got to fully comprehend season seven's bold new world order, which has seen former cock of the walk Don Draper banned from office boozing and forced to answer to his former protege, Peggy. This week Don receives a visitor from his past, while Peggy assists oddball ad exec Ginsberg with a problem. Gwilym Mumford

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