Take That's Tax Bill tour: avoidance recommended

Time to don our rubber gloves, now, as we pick though the distasteful story of tax avoidance by three members of Take That. Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, and Howard Donald haven't done thirty million quid's worth of charity work, whatever they might kid themselves and, even if they had, it's got naff all to do with their basic social responsibilities. As this column has droned so frequently before, philanthropy starts with paying tax.

As for paying back tax, though, my eye is drawn by a chilling Telegraph report, which states that "the pop group Take That will consider a new world tour to pay a £30m tax bill." Will they now … Look, no one is suggesting that a certain candour about an entertainment venture can't be endearing. Peter Kay's Mum Wants a Bungalow tour was a case in point. But no matter how much you love Take That, I hope we can agree that forking out for the Gary Needs To Pay the Taxman tour is a rubicon no self-respecting citizen ought ever feel moved to cross.

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