Hang in There Bozo: The Ruby Redfort Emergency Survival Guide for Some Tricky Predicaments by Lauren Child - review

This book is different to the others in the Ruby Redfort series, instead of being a novel, it is the Ruby Redfort Survival Guide for some Tricky Situations. It contains Ruby's advice on all sorts of things, from alien life forms to dealing with individuals who you know are dangerously dull!

The advice is organised into ten sections including an introduction and a conclusion. the sections are divided into smaller parts, for example: Section 4, Skills to Bone Up on is mostly about how to survive in the wild.

The book teaches you sensible things like how to make a campfire but it also contains some funny things and some situations which have come entirely from Ruby's imagination. So, if you find yourself in the house of an evil psychopath Ruby says you should "pocket the car keys unobserved" and "Drive Bozo, drive"! There are also lots of "Ruby Rules" such as "If you ain't breathing, you ain't surviving".

My favourite part is the section on Spectrum Gadgets because it has lots of extracts from the novels as an example of what the gadgets are useful for. I wish I had some getaway shoes, if you press a button it activates power jets; maximum speed 91 mph. They would be great for sports day!

If you love Ruby Redfort, you should definitely read this book.

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