What are the most surreal rhyming couplets in music?

The latest album from kraut-tronic pop act Fujiya & Miyagi is riddled with bamboozling rhyming couplets. While their previous releases have contained some pleasingly odd parings (Dishwasher's "When you're pre-menstrual/I will play chill out compilation instrumentals" being a prime example) Artificial Sweeteners, their fifth album, is packed with unpredictable riddles.

Take Acid To My Alkaline's scientific surrealism - "When two magnets push together, they repel one another once the negative sides are aligned/You can't mix water with spirit of turpentine" - or Flaws' evocative metaphors -"Insecurities absorbed/Dispersed like reproductive spores".

In fact, F&M's David Best is such a fan of the curious couplings, that he's given us a rundown of some of the most unusual rhyming couplets in music:

1 Jake Thackray – The Bantam Cock
"He jumped my giggling guinea fowl and forced his attentions upon/My twenty hysterical turkeys and a visiting migrant swan"
2 David Bowie – Breaking Glass
"Don't look at the carpet/I drew something awful on it"
3 MF DOOM ft. MF Grimm– Tick Tick...

"Dynasties destroyed like Carringtons and Colbys/Noise, reduced, MF thinks in Dolby"
4 Brian Eno – Dead Finks Don’t Talk
"Oh, you headless chicken/Can those poor teeth take so much kicking?"
5 Vivian Stanshall - Strange Tongues
"Fear follows in the wake of sleepless days/Foul yellow fright as thick as mayonnaise"
6 Lou Reed – Stupid Man
"Stupid man/Hitch-hiking out of a good life in Saskatchewan"
7 Neil Young – Stupid Girl
"I saw you in Mercedes Benz/Practicing self-defence"
8 Electra – Feels Good
"Jogging in the morning running on my feet/Eating only vegetables carrots and beets"
9 Slapp Happy – Everybody’s Slimmin’
"Stroke the air like you're buttering toast/Shake you yomma yamma like you're humping a ghost"
10 Captain Beefheart - Electricity
"Midnight cowboy stained in black/Reads dark roads without a map"

Has he missed any other classics? What are your favourites? Let us know in the comments below

Fujiya & Miyagi will tour the UK in June

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