I am Nit a Loser by Jim Smith - review

I am Nit a Loser is the fourth book in the Barry Loser series written by Jim Smith. It features the same characters from his other books and this time he and his friends Bunky and Nancy find an audition in the newspaper for a nit shampoo.

Nancy and Bunky get a part but Barry doesn't, he is very upset about it and begins to hang out with Sharonella who is also upset about not being involved. Darren Darrenofski, who is Barry and his friends' worst enemy, lands the part that Barry wanted. Even worse, Nancy and Bunky start to become friendly with Darren and Barry becomes very annoyed by the whole situation.

I thought the book was very funny and I really enjoy all the Barry Loser books, especially this one. I would give this book five out of five.

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