What can I do to stop my eyes from drying out when I'm driving?

When I'm driving in hot weather I use the air conditioning to keep cool. This keeps most of me comfortable, but it dries out my eyes no matter where I point the blowers. I then have to turn the air conditioning off since vision is quite important when driving but then I get too hot and the cycle starts again!

What can I do to keep my vision clear, but stay at a comfortable temperature?

  1. Stay hydrated before you go -- this can only help. (But not so hydrated that you have to stop to do your... er, business.)
  2. Stop at a rest area and sit with your eyes closed for a while.
  3. (I've done this, but it may not be a good idea) Close one eye at a time for short periods (<3 sec.) when you are the only car around. (i.e., you're not merging on the highway or in heavy traffic.)
  4. Wear glasses (if you don't already).
  5. Use eyedrops that are made to keep your eyes hydrated.

Get yourself a set of sunglasses of which the actual lenses can be replaced. Popular low-cost sets have 3 different colors: black, orange and transparent. The black blocks 90% of the light, the orange about 40-50% and the transparent 10%. That 10% is negligible for sight, but it does keep the dry air away.

I usually wear them while biking, which seems like a comparable situation.

This should do the trick, I think.

What can I do to stop my eyes from drying out when I'm driving?- Top Financial

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