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Trump Administration Tightens Scrutiny of Skilled Worker Visa Applicants

11/20 06:03 Anonymous 0

WASHINGTON—The Trump administration is adding hurdles and increasing scrutiny in the employment-visa application process, making it harder for businesses to hire foreign workers, and companies and immigration attorneys are bracing for more changes soon.President Donald Trump has long campaigned against illegal immigration, but he also backs reductions to legal immigration, arguing that foreigners provide unneeded competition for Americans.

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New Accounting Rule to Revamp Companies’ Financials

11/19 18:03 Anonymous 0

The change is the result of a new accounting standard that will force businesses in more than 100 countries to rejigger how they recognize revenue.When executives at Rolls-Royce recalculated some of the company’s 2015 results using the new accounting rules, both revenue and profit were £900 million ($1.

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Big Oil and Auto Makers Throw a Lifeline to the Combustion Engine

11/18 18:04 Anonymous 0

Big oil companies and giant auto makers are teaming up to preserve the internal combustion engine, as tough regulation and electric vehicles put the car industry’s century-old technology at risk., BP PLC, Royal Dutch Shell PLC and other oil companies are spending millions of dollars a year in concert with auto makers like Ford Motor Co.

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An Apparent Suicide and Alleged Witness Intimidation, as Soccer Goes on Trial

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The corruption trial of three former top soccer executives has been under way in Brooklyn federal court for just one week, but already the proceedings have resonated in the courtroom and beyond, with accusations of graft against several major media companies, the sudden death of an accused bribe recipient and allegations of courtroom threats.The trial, expected to last at least four more weeks, represents a capstone of U.

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Tesla Plays the Long Game With Semi Truck

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“The limited 500-mile range of the Tesla truck hinders our ability to be an early adopter,” Greg Hirsch, a senior vice president at trucking company

Inc.Viswanathan predicts the cost of the batteries alone for the Tesla truck would be about $170,000 and figures the rest of the truck would run about $100,000.